In Pictures: Sheffield 189 makes a trip to the Crich workshop

The workshop at Crich is usually home to those trams which are long-term restoration projects or those which are part of the operating fleet and undergoing general maintenance or commissioning. But occasionally there is a bit more of an exotic visitor, as was the case recently when Sheffield 189 paid a visit.

Before you start to think that one of the surprises mentioned in our previous article on the planned operating fleet for 2023, don’t! The visit of 189 was for a general condition survey which required photos to be taken underneath the tram. This survey is to check the condition of the tram and to see if there has been any deterioration since it was last examined with a view to see if any future conservation or restoration work is required on the tramcar.

Whilst 189 has been seen outside the depots on numerous occasions in recent years when its been displayed as part of special photographic line-ups it has not been part of the operating fleet at Crich since 1980 having run in 10 seasons from 1969. In total its covered just over 1500 miles since arriving at the museum.

Sheffield 189 sits over the pit in the workshop to allow for photos of the underneath to be taken. London County Council 1 is alongside as its restoration to operational condition continues. (Photograph by Andy Bailey, 2nd April 2023)

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