In Pictures: Even more new adverts on Manchester Metrolink

They do once you start you can’t stop and that certainly seems to be the case for all over adverts on Manchester Metrolink as following quickly on from the adverts we reported about last week on 3031, 3038 and 3080 comes a further two. The latest two trams to receive the vinyl wraps are 3047 and 3107 with neither advertiser a stranger to Metrolink.

3047 is now carrying an advert for this year’s Soccer Aid which takes place at Old Trafford on Sunday 11th June 2023. The mainly black advert was first noted at the start of April 2023 and marks the second time that this charity football match has been advertised on a tram. In 2021 3070 was the tram chosen with it carrying vinyls from June 2021.

The second of the latest adverts is on 3107 and is for Raytheon careers. The company are looking for coders to join the business with the slogan “Could you write code that soars?”. It is also a black based advert. This is also the second time that they have advertised on a tram although you have to go back to December 2016-May 2017 for when 3095 carried their adverts.

Whilst it is the first advert for 3107, 3047 previously carried an advert for Vodafone between June 2018 and December 2019.

3047 and its Soccer Aid advert at St Peter’s Square working a service to East Didsbury. (Photograph by Roland Bull, 3rd April 2023)

The other new advert for Raytheon careers is seen on 3107. The tram was working on The Trafford Centre service when this photo was taken at Deansgate-Castlefield. (Photograph by Reece Hughes, 4th April 2023)

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