More trams enter service at Crich

We’re now up to nine different trams having run in passenger service at the Crich Tramway Village in 2023 after a further threewere used for the first time over the past week or so.

The latest three to enter service are Sheffield 74 (first use Saturday 25th March), Oporto 273 (first use Sunday 28th March) and Blackpool 236 (first use Monday 3rd April). The use of 236 is the first open car to run at Crich in 2023 so far, but isn’t quite the first use of a Boat Car in the UK this year with 227 having been used at Blackpool the weekend before.

They join Glasgow 22, Blackpool 167, Leeds 180, Leeds 399, Sheffield 510 and Liverpool 869 as having been used so far in 2023. That covers three countries and six towns/cities with three single deckers and six double deckers having been used.

In total at least 17 passenger trams are due to be commissioned for service in 2023 so the eight seen so far means we’re only halfway there! There may also be a few additional trams commissioned, depending on how well testing goes.

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  1. Peter W. says:

    And now LUT159 and Blackpool 630

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