Picture in Time: South Yorkshire Supertram 24

This is the last of this batch of photos taken on the South Yorkshire Supertram system shortly after opening in March 1995 as “Picture in Time” continues today.

We have seen over the past seven weeks that on Tony Sullivan’s visit to Sheffield on 9th March 1995 that the routes to Herdings Park and Halfway had not yet been opened with Gleadless Townend being the limit of operations in that direction. And so it is that we see 24 arriving at the temporary terminus as it crosses from the outbound track to the citybound track.

Everything still looks new in this image. From the shiny tram to the clean tarmac and railings you can still tell that the trams are a new thing for Sheffield. The tram is in its original fleet livery and again as we have seen previously the main roller destination blind just states SOUTH YORKSHIRE SUPERTRAM with the destination on a board at the bottom of the drivers windscreen.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan, 9th March 1995

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