In Pictures: Reindeer descend on Nottingham Express Transit!

In the run-up to Christmas 2022 some of the trams in Nottingham underwent a little bit of a makeover as they got new identities – some of Santa’s reindeer! Its not unusual to see reindeer on UK tramways with both Edinburgh Trams and West Midlands Metro having previously named their trams for the festive season (plus antlers in Edinburgh!) but this time round it was Nottingham Express Transit who got the names out – and the trams also received antlers and noses, including a red nose for a certain Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

As Santa had nine reindeer, nine trams were treated to the temporary change of identity (all being Alstom Citadis trams):

216 – Donner

221 – Cupid

223 – Prancer

225 – Dancer

229 – Rudolph

230 – Comet

232 – Blitzen

233 – Vixen

234 – Dasher

The nine all retained their usual names in addition to their reindeer names with new vinyls added on the silver section of the livery below the side cab windows.

225 became Dancer and this view at Old Market Square shows the tram standing at the stop when running through to Hucknall. We see the nose, eyes and antlers on the tram here.

A close-up of the “Dancer” name sticker on 225. (Photographs x2 by John Whittingham, 22nd December 2022)

216 (Donner) and 229 (Rudolph) are seen side-by-side at Nottingham Station. This photo also shows the location of the special name stickers.

Here is 230 and the name “Comet”. As can be seen it retains its usual George Green name as well.

The Blitzen and William Ivory name vinyls seen on the side of 232. (Photographs x3 by David Beardsell)

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