In Pictures: Three Metrolink M5000s #GetOnBoard

Its been a fair few years since we last had three trams with the same advert but that is what we have on Manchester Metrolink as three of the M5000s have received vinyls for the #GetOnBoard Transport for Greater Manchester campaign. The three trams noted with the adverts are 3059, 3061 and 3081.

The #GetOnBoard campaign is aimed at encouraging more people to travel on public transport in Greater Manchester with new lower bus fares having been introduced at the start of September, but only initially as a temporary one year measure. A page on the Transport for Greater Manchester website seeks to show people the best ways to travel affordably and sustainably with information of fares, where to buy tickets and those who can get discounted travel.

Three trams have been noted in the special livery which features a white background and the Get On Board slogan many times. There is contravision on the windows although this does not completely cover them.

The advert is the first for 3059 but 3061 and 3081 have previously had ads. 3061 advertised Babyliss in September/October 2019 whilst 3081 has had adverts for IKEA (May-December 2019) and Starling Bank (July/August 2022).

This now means 47 different M5000 have carried adverts (if you include the T68s, 3059 is the 49th Metrolink tram to be receive a vinyl wrap advert) and in total there have been 71 adverts (with some being identical on different trams – 75 including the T68s).

Meanwhile, 3069 has lost its advert for IKEA which were first applied in September 2021.

3059 departs from St Peter’s Square with a service to East Didsbury in the new advertising livery.

3061 with its adverts in place calls at Deansgate-Castlefield bound for Shaw & Crompton.

To complete the hattrick of Get On Board adverts this is 3081. Its also at Deansgate-Castlefield when running to East Didsbury.

From new adverts to an advert removed. 3069 is now sans IKEA adverts and was captured at Deansgate-Castlefield. As with the previous photos it was on the East Didsbury service. (All Photographs by Reece Hughes)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Three Metrolink M5000s #GetOnBoard

  1. The irony of encouraging people to use public transport by covering windows with contra vision is not lost on me. I applaud those within sector who continue to push the #savewindows lobbying.

    • Peter Watts says:

      The UK transport sector tends to use Contravision with 40% visible light transmission, whereas in France & Germany, operators use 50% transmission film. The difference is significant; although the outside image is reduced slightly in resolution, from inside the tram / bus there is very little difference, and good visibility towards the outside world passing by. Very often the 50% transmission only give the effect of a slightly tinted window from inside, and in some cases is quite useful in the very sunny weather during the summer months.

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