New York 674 to star at Crich event

In a surprising but very welcome development, Crich Tramway Village have advertised in advance an appearance out of doors by New York 674 on Sunday 4th August. Earlier this year the tram was treated a wash ahead of a planned appearance in connection with an upcoming special event – but despite plenty of guesses, this particular event was not one that was mentioned!

The reason for the seemingly random incorporation of New York 674 into the Emergency Vehicles Day, is explained by the anticipated presence of an American fire engine and Police car. It is intended to display these vehicles alongside the only American tramcar in the national collection, creating what should be an unusual and memorable photographic opportunity. As 674 has not operated since the mid-eighties and rarely appears out of doors, hopefully a few extra visitors will be tempted to go and see this car in open air. There will also be a very rare opportunity to view inside the car and see a display detailing its fascinating history, with a Museum Guide also on hand to answer visitors’ questions.

The efforts being made to include one of the most elusive trams at Crich in a non-tram event are certainly to be applauded. Indeed, this seems to be a trend recently, with Prague 180 and Halle 902 having been posed on the depot fan during last year’s ‘Red Oktober’ event and the incredible line-up of Blackpool trams arranged for the ‘Beside the Seaside’ weekend in 2012. Hopefully this concept of ensuring that the trams can play a more significant role in as many special events as possible will continue, in order to persuade enthusiasts to visit and support the museum more frequently in order to see such unusual static displays and line-ups.

Incidentally, if any British Trams Online reader attends this event we would love to see and share any photos of New York 674 outside – if you can help please contact us, using the normal email address!

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2 Responses to New York 674 to star at Crich event

  1. Mike Norris says:

    Might this just be a first fledgling sign, albeit it a very small one, that
    Crich Management have been reading the recent posts about the lack
    of ‘enthusiasm’ that has been reported about the many negative aspects of the museum, on British Trams Online ??
    I am sure that many will be looking hard for perhaps some further and
    more tangible results.

    • Sean Croshaw says:

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry to possibly disappoint, but this plan has nothing to do with “Crich Management” or recent posts on any site.

      I have been the event organiser for “Emergency Vehicles Day” since it started at the Museum and I have tried to evolve a varied programme of activities each year to ensure that the event doesn’t become stale. The development of the American display has been more than a year in the planning and is the result of building on a partnership that started last year with the Sheffield Fire and Police Museum who will be bringing a US Fire Engine and US Police Car to complete the display.

      I hope the addition of extra tramway activity on the day will be well supported as we need to cover the costs of staging this additional display. In addition to the American display, the day will include an interactive forensic science display, vehicle parades and a burning building scenario!

      As for other events, I am unable to comment as I am not directly involved in the organisation of these. However, if you have any suggestions or are in a position to help with the considerable task of helping to plan events, please contact the Museum as I am sure your help will be welcomed.


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