This week on British Trams Online

There is no main site update this week on British Trams Online but that doesn’t mean that all the latest news isn’t on these very pages for you to read – normal service will be resumed next week with some more photo galleries on the way as well as all the normal site updates. Although there is no main site update there have been a few minor changes this week and the more observant of you may have already noticed! Firstly since our 10th anniversary we have had just the one banner at the top of the page using trams past and present from Manchester but we have now finally got around to adding some more with Blackpool, London and Sheffield versions now available. Also at the end of each week I will be selecting what I feel is the biggest piece of news in the week to be pinned to the top of the page for a couple of days  for those of you who only visit the site at the weekend so you don’t miss out on the big news (providing there has been some big news in that week!). The honour of the first “sticky” goes to the acquisition of Oldham 43 for eventual restoration at Heaton Park.

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