In Pictures: Paramount+ advert on Metrolink 3087

We mentioned a few weeks back that Manchester Metrolink M5000 3087 had received a new advert for Paramount+ and now we bring you photos of it! The advert was applied back in June 2022 and is the first full advertising livery that this tram has received since entering service in September 2014.

All tramways have their own styles with adverts and for Metrolink that means that the ends are kept advert vinyl free (with normal fleet livery visible) with the rest of tram wrapped – usually including contravision. The advert on 3087 is no different with the mainly blue advert also featuring images of programmes you can expect to find on the Paramount+ streaming service. The windows closest to the drivers cabs are kept free of vinyls but other windows do feature contravision.

3087 leads 3098 out of St Peter’s Square heading towards Deansgate-Castlefield when running out of service. A number of double units were operating between Deansgate-Castlefield and Etihad Campus both in and out of service on this day.

3087 is now at the rear of the double unit as it departs from St Peter’s Square now heading to Etihad Campus via Piccadilly. (Both Photographs by Michael Morton, 14th July 2022)

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  1. Tramfan22 says:

    I spotted this tram on Monday 25th on East Didsbury line and I see 3087 have lost it’s paramount+ livery and go new one as is now advertising co-op store in full warp advert.

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