In Pictures: A look at the Birmingham Westside extension – phase two

Over the past few weeks the focus of attention on the Birmingham Westside extension has been related to the start of testing and commissioning of the second phase of the line between Library and Edgbaston Village. However, although trams have been tested along the route there remains some works to be done on the stops along the extension – there are three new stops being built at Brindleyplace, Five Ways and Edgbaston Village. This pictorial update heads onto the extension to take a look at some of these ongoing works.

Starting off at the Edgbaston Village terminus and whilst the tracks at the two platforms of the stop are completed (including grassed track) there remains plenty of barriers around the site. Contractors can be seen behind those barriers completing the stop. The platform on the right seems more or less complete but that closer to the camera still requires some flagstones to be laid. Note that the section of line leading to the terminus is the only part of the entire extension which has overhead wires.

This is the stop at Five Ways where again there are barriers surrounding the shelter which has been installed. Although the platform is more complete that that at Edgbaston Village there remains a little work to be done here before public services can begin.

A closer view of the platform showing the strip where flagstones need to be installed before the line opens.

The stop at Brindleyplace is slightly further ahead with the strip towards the edge of the platform having its raised surface being installed.

A wider view of the stop at Brindleyplace. There doesn’t appear much to be done on this platform.

There are also barriers across the tracks here preventing any trams from running along without their removal. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 11th April 2022)

With testing now underway on the extension it is hoped that it will open during June 2022. However, that will all be dependent on enough trams being available to operate the service and testing being deemed a success.

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  1. Kevin critchfield says:

    Let’s hope that the trams are up and running by the end of may

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