Out and About: Heritage trams in Blackpool

“Out and About” goes heritage today as we head to Blackpool to see driver training take place and a stunning line-up of trams at Rigby Road.

The early part of 2022 has seen plenty of driver training take place for volunteer heritage crews ahead of the increase in services as the year goes on with B-fleet Balloon 711 the tram of choice for this purpose when seen at North Pier in this shot heading south passing the north curve onto the North Station extension.

On the same day down at Rigby Road Depot and our photographer found this incredible line-up of trams – all in green and cream! Nearest to the camera is Balloon 717 and it is joined by Boat 600, Rebuilt Balloon 707, Balloon 700 and Balloon 715. (Both Photographs by Tony Armitage, 4th March 2022)

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