In Pictures: Extension works continue in Edinburgh

We’re back off to Edinburgh today as we take another look at extension works on the Edinburgh Trams system. With trams sent to be running to Newhaven in little over a year (as long as they remain on schedule!) good progress continues to be made on installing the track and constructing the platforms.

The 2.91 mile (4.69km) extension will extend the tramway from York Place (where the terminus used to be located) to Newhaven via Leith Walk and Ocean Terminal. It includes eight new stops at Picardy Place, McDonald Road, Balfour Street, Foot of the Walk, The Shore, Port of Keith, Ocean Terminal and Newhaven. With excellent bus connections being provided at many of the stops it will be a true integrated transport network allowing residents and visitors both being able to get around the Scottish capital easily and efficiently.

It was 1956 the last time trams ran this way as we take a look at McDonald Road tramstop. This will be the second new stop on the line after Picardy Place and in this view Leith and Newhaven is to the right and the city centre the left. The track closest to the camera is for trams heading to the Airport. The modern building in the background is student flats with the 1904 built McDonald Road Library to the right hand side. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 6th April 2022)

Maps are also being updated across the current infrastructure and trams to show the extension under construction. This is on board one of the trams.

And tram stop maps also have the dotted line of the extension on the right. All good signs of what is coming – although maps on West Midlands Metro have had these dotted lines for a long time! (Photographs x2 by John Hampton)

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