In Pictures: Stops get a sign of services coming soon

Its all gone a little bit quiet on the extension front in Blackpool since the first trams ran along Talbot Road to the new terminus close to Blackpool North Railway Station and its likely that there won’t be much more to report on for a while with the terminus remaining in the middle of a building site. One thing to report on though is the adding of name signs to the stops along the route.

The extension will feature two stops. One will be a single platform in Talbot Square for trams heading up Talbot Road with the other being the terminus on the old Wilko’s site. From the signs which have been recently added it would appear that the stop in Talbot Square will be known as Talbot Square (probably unsurprisingly considering that’s where it is!) but the sign up at Blackpool North just has a sign saying “North Terminus” One would expect that this will be amended before opening to something a little more sensible.

It wouldn’t be the first stop on the upgraded Blackpool Tramway to have one name affixed to the stop and then for it to be changed before opening. Initially there were signs at what is now Manchester Square – and was before as well – which said Rigby Road The Manchester but these were quickly changed.

As a lost bus passes – a Stagecoach Gold route bus usually used between Preston and Bolton allocated to the no. 68 from Preston to Blackpool – we see the new Talbot Square sign on the single platform. (Photograph by Tony Armitage)

Then up at the terminus we have this sign saying North Terminus. (Photograph by Peter Dockerty)

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  1. lazzer says:

    Rumours of day time testing of trams up Talbot Rd coming soon…..

  2. John1 says:

    Not a rumour when its been announced haha

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