Out and About: A temporary terminus in Edinburgh

As we saw in February, the long-standing city centre terminus of Edinburgh Trams at York Place was closed permanently to allow for extension works to take place which meant that between 10th February and 27th March trams temporarily terminated at West End. In this latest “Out and About” we take a look at operations at West End during this period.

In this image we see 275 waiting at West End getting ready to depart for Airport. The way ahead is blocked by the stop sign and orange barriers with no trams able to run any further into Edinburgh City Centre whilst the work takes place at York Place. The background is illuminated by the start of a golden sunset.

272 is also seen at West End having just arrived from the Airport. Whilst the electronic destination display has changed for its return trip the manual board has yet to be moved with it still showing West End. All trams both arriving and departing use the same platform here. (Both Photographs by John Hampton, 10th February 2022)

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