Out and About: A quick call at Saughton

We’ve headed out of Edinburgh City Centre for today’s edition of “Out and About” as we call at Saughton.

In this first photo we see 277 approaching Saughton with an Airport bound service. The tram has advertising vinyls for the Edinburgh International Festival; these have been on the tram since June 2021.

Here we see 256 – CR Smith adverts carried on the side – travelling away from the camera and about to cross the Carrick Knowe viaduct. This takes the tramway over the Edinburgh and Glasgow mainline as the trams run between Saughton and Balgreen. The tram is heading to York Place.

The final shot of this article is again at Saughton and shows the ghostly 275 as it pauses on the way to the Airport. 275 has still not received the full livery on the sides since it lost adverts for Scottish Rugby in November 2021. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 21st January 2022)

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