Work continues on the Seaton Wetlands Halt

2022 should see two new stops opened on the Seaton Tramway with the winter period having seen significant progress being made on the all new halt at Seaton Wetlands, despite the challenges of a soggy and wet winter when much of the construction work has been taking place.

During December and January work has seen a new bridge constructed over the stream next to the tracks with an attached walkway also being built alongside the line on the way to Swan’s Nest loop where the actual stop will be provided. This walkway is now halfway to the loop and the new bridge will also need connecting to the already built walkway from the Discovery Hut.

Its hoped that the new halt will be able to open within the next month or so.

The other new stop at Riverside is also largely complete with the timetables for the 2022 season already written to include both new halts as stopping points for services between Seaton and Colyton.

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