In Pictures: Seaton Tramway in August 2021

This pictorial article takes us down to the Seaton Tramway in Devon which is now running its peak summer timetable which sees trams running every 20 minutes from Seaton to Colyton along with service extras as necessary. We see six of the trams which operate on the three mile line – and it includes everyone’s favourite tram no. 4! Keith Chadbourne is the photographer.

In the Seaton terminus building on 17th August we see two of the older open toppers side-by-side both with happy passengers waiting for their trip along the line to Colyton. Closest to the camera is 2 with 8 the other side.

Still at Seaton and in this view 2 is seen with pink tram 11.

2 then sets off for Colyton. 11 and 8 flank it.

Up to the other end of the line – Colyton – with Boat type tram no. 4 waiting to depart south.

4 is joined by 11 at the new departure stop with both looking like they are ready to go. In the far distance you can just make out 12.

4 has turned short at Colyton and so rather then use the trolley reverser the driver gets the pole out to turn the trolley for it to head back to Seaton. 8 is at the departure stop.

A zoom in as 4 moves forward and 8 is again seen at the departure stop. There remains a queue of passengers wanting to board for the return trip. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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