In Pictures: Blackpool span wires continue to appear

In another update from Blackpool we head onto Talbot Road again as we see more span wires being installed as well as a feeder cable. With the ongoing work taking place overnight they have now reached the junction with Abingdon Street continuing their way up Talbot Road towards the terminus on the old Wilko’s site.

A view looking down Talbot Road towards the Prom from the junction with Abingdon Street. A span wire is seen in the foreground.

A bit further towards the Prom and looking the other way here we see a feeder cable in place.

And one more view as we look up the road with another span wire seen closest to the camera. (All Photographs by Tony Armitage, 12th August 2021)

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  1. David says:

    If the UK’s first generation tramways had been built at this sort of speed many of them would have been abandoned before they even opened.

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