Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: South Pier

Today we continue our way north on the Blackpool Tramway as “Stop by Stop” reaches the stop at South Pier.

Only a short distance along the segregated tramway section of the Promenade from our last stop at Pleasure Beach, South Pier once again features platforms either side of the tracks. It may only be the fifth stop on the tramway but it is already a familiar set-up: northbound platform has shelter and information panels (plus defibrillator), on the southbound platform you get wet with no shelter but a bench and information panels. Unlike at Pleasure Beach there is no footpath behind the southbound platform.

The standard platform photo on 27th September 2020 with the northbound platform on the far side.

002 comes to a standstill at South Pier on 24th September 2020 with a southbound working to Starr Gate. The northbound platform is closest to the camera.

There’s plenty of sand on the northbound platform at South Pier as 008 departs for Fleetwood Ferry on 27th September 2020. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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