Picture in Time: Blackpool Works Car 5

Last time in this series we saw a couple of images of Blackpool Works Car 5 – ex-English Electric Railcoach 221 – and we enjoyed it so much we’re going to feature the very same tram again this time out!

As we saw last time, 5 only spent around six and a half years as part of the Permanent Way fleet but can trace its history back to 1934 when it first ran in Blackpool as part of the streamlined tram revolution. One of the first series of English Electric Railcoaches it would remain as part of the passenger fleet until 1963 when it was withdrawn and converted to a Works Vehicle. Then in 1972 it would become OMO 5, remaining in service until February 1993 when final withdrawal came. It would stay at Rigby Road for a further seven years before moving to storage at Clay Cross in June 2000.

We catch up with 5 again at the Permanent Way Yard, Thornton Gate in 1971 and in this first view is seen about to be trolleyed back into the yard with some rail carried on old tramroad bogies.

And in photo number two we look from the yard along the side of 5 as a Balloon Car – with familiar Empire Pools side ads – heads past to Fleetwood.

Both Photographs by Tony Stevenson

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