Morning restrictions for West Midlands concessionary pass holders on their way to vaccinations

Concessionary pass holders in the West Midlands will be able to travel for free before 0930 as they travel for their Cocid-19 vaccination following an agreement between Transport for West Midlands, West Midlands Combined Authority and transport operators. Several vaccination centres are now being opened across the West Midlands and the aim is to take the pressure of travelling to these centres for vaccinations as the vaccination plan continues at a pace.

Usually concessionary pass holders can only travel for free on the trams and buses in the area after 0930 but this relaxation now means that for anyone heading for their vaccination they will be able to use their pass for travel. This relaxation is from Monday 1st February and is for anyone who shows their pass and is on their way to or from a vaccination centre. It is for both the West Midlands Metro and local bus services.

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “We are seeing a marvellous effort by our NHS and partners across the region to get the vaccine centres set up and make sure every one of our high priority citizens can get their jab by mid-February. So I am delighted that at TfWM, working with our bus operators, we have been able to help those who have no option but to take a bus or tram before 9.30am to attend their appointments. We have kept our public transport network operating throughout the pandemic to ensure that it is there for our key workers and those who need it for their essential journeys.”

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