Old track discovered under Weymouth Harbour Tramway

We reported last year on the start of work to remove the Weymouth Harbour Tramway line in the Dorset town, which although not a tramway in the traditional sense still saw rail based services run in the streets for a short distance. Now, with the work making progress a second set of rails has been found underneath leading to a discussion as to what they are.

The 1.25 mile line from the South Western mainline just before Weymouth railway station was closed in 1999 after more sporadic use in the last years by boat trains to connect with cross channel ferries to the Channel Islands. There has been much debate over the past 20 years over the future of the line with some campaigners wanting the line to be reopened for tourism purposes.

However, this was rejected and with concerns over its safety following deterioration over the years the Department for Transport gave funding to allow its removal. Work on this started in the second half of 2020.

During January with the tracks being removed on Commercial Road the discovery of a second set of rails under the Harbour line was made. It is thought that this rails were part of the old branch line which was replaced in the 1930s by a larger curve to allow for larger trains to be used on what was, at the time, a popular service.

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