Lockdown Walks: Manchester Metrolink 3061

Our “Lockdown Walks” series continues today as we are off to Manchester for another look at the Metrolink system under tier 3 restrictions in late 2020.

The next few instalments of this series in Manchester will be on the Ashton-under-Lyne line – or the East Manchester line to give it its official title. This line opened in two phases in 2013, between Piccadilly and Droylsden on 11th February and then through to Ashton on 9th October. Before Covid-19 arrived the 6 mile long line enjoyed a tram every 6 minutes with alternate departures from Ashton to MediaCityUK and Eccles but at the time of writing this has been reduced to a 10 minute frequency with all trams heading to Eccles and running via MediaCityUK.

In this photo we see 3061 awaiting departure from Ashton West with a service which will run through to the terminus at Ashton-under-Lyne. (Photograph by Steve Hyde, 10th December 2020)

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