Tram Pub Signs: Bispham Hotel, Blackpool

It was a pub that we mentioned when first taking a look at pub signs but didn’t illustrate it at the time – but remedy that now! The Bispham Hotel in Red Bank Road, Blackpool is located adjacent to the entrance to the Sainsbury’s store which is on the site of the old Bispham tram depot and so it doesn’t take a lot of working out as to why there may be a tram on the sign!

The sign features a Balloon Car in a representation that is definitely better than some of the other entries into this series we have seen! Carrying the 1980s green and cream livery style that means that this particular sign would not have seen trams trundling past but it is still a good acknowledgment of the history of the area.

The sign seen in 1995. (Photograph by John Hampton)

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