Tram Pub Signs: The Longford, Warrington

This entry into the “Tram Pub Signs” series is a historic one as we are heading back all the way to 1980 for a view of The Longford in Warrington.

The Longford Hotel was on Winwick Road (the A49) in Warrington and once stood alongside one of the termini of Warrington Corporation Tramways. The pub sign in 1980 seems to show one of the crew members of the tram enjoying a pint inside the pub whilst we see a second crew member turning the trolley! Presumably it’s the driver inside and he has got his conductor, likely to be a more junior member of staff, to prepare the tram for a return journey whilst he relaxes! We’re sure that sort of thing didn’t happen when trams ran in Warrington! The pub has now been demolished and replaced by a car showroom.

The sign as seen in 1980. (Photograph by Stephen Cobb)

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