In Pictures: A wintry scene at Summerlee

Along with Beamish and Blackpool there is a third tramway in the UK that operates year round at Summerlee. As well as being the only heritage tramway north of the border (and for 25 years the only tramway north of the border) this tramway has a small and excellent collection of trams which operate in all weathers between the museum entrance and mine. Usually one tram is in each service and Dusseldorf 392 – with disabled access lift – is the usual tram of choice but as the photo below shows open topper Lanarkshire 53 has also recently seen some use.

You can almost feel the cold in this photo as 53 and 392 are pictured at the entrance stop waiting for duty on a very frosty morning. (Photograph by David Craig – Summerlee Transport Group)

* A video clip of 53 in operation is also available on Summerlee Transport Group Twitter.

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