Trams in Video: Granada Tram – September 2017

The last in our current series of “Trams in Video” is here (it may be back in the future, any feedback on this will be gratefully received!) is back into Europe as we head into Spain to take a look at trams running in Granada. Filmed on 30th September 2017 this footage comes just nine days after the tramway opened using 15 CAF Urbos3 trams – including battery power.

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2 Responses to Trams in Video: Granada Tram – September 2017

  1. Jimdens1959 says:

    I do hope we can see some more of these short clips at sometime in the future – Bob has been to some great locations and shot superb video – inspirational!

  2. czarbob46 says:

    Thanks for your kind comment, I hope that you and everyone else who has viewed my videos has enjoyed them.