Crich kick off the 2013 season

Saturday 16th February saw the start of the 2013 operating season at Crich Tramway Village. Although the site had been open to visitors on a number of occasions already this year, the emphasis had been placed on various activity sessions with no tram rides offered. However, with the process of commissioning the operating fleet for another busy year well underway, that all changed when the first passengers of 2013 were carried.

On the first day, Leeds 345 and Glasgow 812 were chosen to inaugurate the year’s service. These two fully-enclosed double-deckers were sensible choices on a chilly winter day, with the use of 345 being most welcome as it had only rejoined the running fleet last October following extensive workshop attention. Since then a few other trams have also made their year debuts, with Leeds and Glasgow trams dominating the output so far.

However, the monotony of four-wheeled double deck cars should soon be broken, as both Metropolitan 331 and Blackpool 630 have recently been admitted to the workshop to be prepared for use. 630 has had its destination blinds removed and these are to be replaced with new blinds, paid for by one of the regular workshop team. Previously the tram had been operating with blinds that did not match so this should give it an even smarter appearance, befitting a historic museum piece which is of course what 630 now is!

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