‘Missing’ Flexities return to use

The two most elusive members of Blackpool’s Flexity 2 class have both enjoyed something of a revival during the latter part of January. After an absence of some nine months, Flexity 002 has finally resumed its career in passenger service, whilst 006 has also been spotted out on the tramway this week.

002 has been a particularly shy tram, having made just one very brief appearance in passenger service at Easter 2012, before returning to Germany for modification work. Either side of its travels, the tram was used extensively for driver training purposes but now the opportunity to ride on the car has finally occured. 002 has carried passengers at least twice in 2013, on January 25th and 29th, and will hopefully now settle down into regular use.

Meanwhile, it would appear that 002‘s role as the dedicated driver training tram may have been taken over by 006 which was seen being used for this purpose on 29th January. This was also noteworthy, as the car had not run since last August, having been taken out of service requiring some unspecified repairs. During its long lay-off it is believed that 006 donated various fittings to keep its sisters on the road, but now it is fighting fit once again, although its first passenger working of 2013 is still awaited. This tram retains its advert vinyls for the Pleasure Beach Arena from last season.

With 002 and 006 both now roadworthy again, it will be interesting to see when all sixteen Flexity trams will run simultaneously for the very first time. Neither 001 or 005 have been noted out for a while, and it may be that one or both have been robbed of parts to assist with 006‘s return. Either way, hopefully the time when the entire class become available for service is hopefully drawing nearer – which will be another key point in the short but succesful history of Blackpool’s newest trams.

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  1. Mike Thomas says:

    Blackpool on Wednesday 6th Feb, Trams seen in service 014,013, 008,015,010,012,007,006,004 – 014 being the 1100hrs departure form Starr Gate to Fleetwood.
    There was an incident between Cleveleys and Thornton Gate with ambulance and police in attendance, two trams stopped next to each other 007 southbound and 004 northbound. Later driving south down the Promenade 011 was seen going north running to Cleveleys as were two subsequent services.
    003 was out on driver training.

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