Electric cargo bikes for Edinburgh during Newhaven extension works

In the first of several innovations to help businesses during the construction of the Edinburgh Trams extension to Newhaven it has been announced that electric cargo bikes will offered to help with deliveries to customers and to move goods around.

There will initially be four such bikes available with the possibility of more if demand is there. The idea is that these bikes will help to avoid lorries having to double park along the route whilst the construction works are ongoing and will also be an environmentally friendly way to transport goods around the local area.

Lesley Macinnes, City of Edinburgh Council’s Transport and Environment Convener, said: “I was quite keen to get these in place around the Leith Walk construction works. It would alleviate some pressure on the traders that we recognise could happen on Leith Walk during the construction. Anything that helps us get rid of vans double parking or pavement parking or stopping where they shouldn’t be, would help us enormously as a city – it would help us reduce congestion and pollution. If it can become a thing in Edinburgh, it can become a very positive thing for the city.”

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