In Pictures: Trams in action at Beamish

Saturday 15th June saw a Morris Car Rally take place at Beamish which gave some extra photo opportunities alongside the operating trams. A three car service was running on this day which included three resident double deckers: Sunderland 16, Blackpool 31 and Sheffield 264. Leo Dembry visited on the day and has provided us with the following pictures.

Sunderland 16 approaches the stop at Foulbridge for Home Farm and the Colliery. Alongside a parade of cars present for the Morris Car Rally pass by on the road.

Recently you may have been forgiven for forgetting just what the sun looks like but just to prove it does still exist here we see Blackpool 31 at the Entrance loading passengers.

Sheffield 264 stands in the Town as passengers wait patiently to climb the stairs onto the top deck.

And then we see 264 heading out of the Town with an anti-clockwise service around the museum. (All Photographs by Leo Dembry, 15th June 2019)

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