Tree halts West Midlands Metro services

It may not have escaped your notice but the weather over the past few days (even weeks!) is decidedly un-June like with very wet and windy conditions across much of the UK (just ask the cricketers trying to compete in the World Cup at the moment!). Obviously this had an impact on transport in various areas of the country as well with flooding in particular an issue. But on the West Midlands Metro it was so much the excess water but rather a fallen tree which caused issues for a couple of hours on Tuesday 11th June.

Whilst the past few months has seen fairly extensive tree cutting along the West Midlands Metro line it hasn’t seen a complete eradication of the trees with the area around Winson Green one such location not so treated. As a result when a tree fell close to the overhead wires it was necessary to suspend the service for approximately two hours between Winson Green and Black Lake to allow the tree to be safely removed. With the tree removed a normal service was able to resume.

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