Reduced Tram-Train service

Tram-Train services between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate will be running at a reduced frequency until at least Tuesday 11th June as rectification work is carried on the Citylink vehicles. As you may recall all the tram-trains were removed from service earlier this year as a result of the discovery of a fault with a temporary fix put in place to enable their return after a few days. Now rectification work to refit the removed bogie covers will be taking place entailing the temporary withdrawal of the vehicles.

This rectification work has already commenced on those vehicles not with the tram-train wheel profiles but it will be their turn shortly. It is expected to take around 7 days to complete the work and at the same time manufacturers Stadler are looking to resolve the unrelated faults which have led to recent availability problems of the Citylinks.

Whilst the work takes place there will be two services an hour between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate instead of the usual three. The revised timetable is available on the Stagecoach Supertram website.

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