Supertram get ready for next phase of rail replacement

Work on area one of the 2019 Supertram rail replacement work may not yet have been completed but planning is now well underway for the next phase of works, which are due to start the day after area one – Monday 3rd June. This time around the work will be concentrated between Shalesmoor and Hillsborough which once again affects trams on the Blue and Yellow routes meaning they will again be running short routes.

Area two works will be taking place between Monday 3rd and Thursday 18th July and during this six week period the following tram service will operate:

Blue: Halfway to Shalesmoor

Yellow: Meadowhall to Cathedral (extended to Shalesmoor evenings and Sundays)

Purple: Herdings Park to Cathedral

Tram Train: Rotherham Parkgate to Cathedral

Trams on the Blue and Yellow routes will run every 12 minutes during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays and every 20 minutes at other times, including all day on Sundays. Both the Purple route and the Tram Train service will maintain their usual timetables.

And for those who wish to travel beyond Shalesmooor there will be a full replacement bus service plus Supertram Link bus service (SL1) will be extended from Middlewood to Fitzalan Square. Tram tickets will also be valid on Stagecoach bus services running in the affected area.

* The leaflet of area two can be downloaded from the Stagecoach Supertram website.

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