In Pictures: Snaefell Mountain Railway during Rush Hour on the Railways

So we don’t exclude the third tramway on the Isle of Man in this article we feature images from the Snaefell Mountain Railway showing the current sights of this line. As we have reported previously the operational trams have now been fitted with a new form of braking in the wake of the runaway incident in 2017 to provide a further dail safe to ensure similar incidents don’t happen again and all trams which are running now have this fitted. Meanwhile, there is currently single-line operation just below Bungalow to allow for track works to take place. David Maxwell is once again our photographer on the scene.

A close-up view of the new magnetic brake as fitted to the trams. This example is on 4.

Taken through the window of no. 5 we see the track replacement work ongoing below Bungalow.

Another view of the trackworks.

With the track work taking place single line working was necessary and in this view – again taken from no. 5 – we see unique liveried 4 using the crossover.

No. 5 is seen here waiting at the Summit to return back down the mountain.

Also at the Summit is no. 4. (All Photographs by David Maxwell, 22nd April 2019)

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