Promotional ticket prices extended until May 2020 on Tram-Train

When the Tram-Train service between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate started operating in October 2018 it was revealed that the tram-only dayrider tickets would be available for a promotional period only. This was initially expected be until this spring but it has now been confirmed that this period has been extended until 2nd May 2020 – meaning you’ve still got the best part of 13 months to enjoy these lower prices to Rotherham!

The adult tram only dayrider currently costs £4.20 with a Family version available for £9.00. There is also a tram only megarider (a weekly ticket) for £14.00. Single tickets are also available at £1.80 for journeys between Parkgate, Rotherham Central and Arena (or a £3.00 return) and at £2.50 for all journeys longer than this.

All tickets purchased on the tram are cash payments only although the latest publicity from Stagecoach Supertram does tease that contactless payment is expected in August 2019.

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