Around the World in Trams: Augsburg 415

Today we are back in Germany for the continuation of a series of trams from around the world. The city featured this time around is Augsburg.

Electric trams arrived had arrived in the city in 1898 with the former standard gauge horse tramway converted to a metre gauge electric tramway from that date. Remaining in service to this day there are currently 28.2 miles of track (that’s 45.4km) on five main routes (plus two “special routes”).

The tram at the front of this photo is an ex-Stuggart GT4 built by Maschinefabrik Esslingen and numbered 415. This tram was built in 1962 and was transferred to Augbsurg in 1995 but its life in the Bavarian city wasn’t to last long with it being sold on to Iasi in Romania at the end of 2009 where it currently remains in service. In this view it is partnered with another unidentified tram.

Photograph by Nigel Pennick

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