In Pictures: Doors Open Day at Edinburgh’s Gogar Depot

Saturday 29th September gave the public a rare chance – indeed it was the first time since the system opened that it had been possible – to see behind the scenes of Edinburgh Trams’ Gogar Depot as part of the Doors Open Day. The pre-booked tours saw small groups guided around the depot complex and shown around each section of the depot with senior staff on hand to let participants know more about the operations.

The tours were fully booked with 300 people shown around the depot and it was reported that they could have sold double the number of tickets! All participants were able to take the special hi-vis vests they were given for the tours home as a souvenir and amongst the events put on at the depot was the chance to ride on 252 through the Sand Shed.

274 raised for maintenance.

A view not often seen of the trams – from above. Taken from an overhead gantry this is all the equipment on the roof of 272.

Out in the depot sidings with 254 – not required for service.

The hi-vis vests as given to all participants. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood)

* Further behind the scenes photos will follow in a future British Trams Online Photo Gallery.

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  1. Bigalasdair says:

    Para 2 is a bit misleading insofar as admission was free. During question/answer sessions with managers, it was apparent that Edinburgh Trams are convinced that they will be getting approval for the planned extension to Newhaven.