In Pictures: Metrolink testing on East Manchester Line

As previously reported on British Trams Online testing took place on the East Manchester Line extension of Metrolink at the end of October with two trams being out stationed during the day at New Islington stop to allow the testing to take place over night. M5000s 3052 and 3054 were the two vehicles used on this testing and if you carry on reading this article you can view a few photos of the trams in situ at New Islington.

3052 and 3054 are seen here in the platform at New Islington stop on the East Manchester Line of Metrolink on 26th October 2012. Both trams were being used on overnight tests and were stabled here during the day. (Photo: Steve Hyde)

Another view of the two trams at New Islington. Both vehicles are now back at the Depot. (Photo: Steve Hyde)

And one final view of 3052 and 3054. (Photo: Steve Hyde)

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7 Responses to In Pictures: Metrolink testing on East Manchester Line

  1. roger woodhead says:

    Stupid question, but how did these two get back to Queens Road as they are only fitted with TMS equipment as far as I am aware.

    • Ken walker says:

      They were kept at New Islington tram stop and only seem to have returned to depot when a changeover was required, presumably at night. If they are not fitted with the equipment for passing through the city centre perhaps they were coupled to one that is compatible for the transit move, I presume only the leading tram would require to be fitted. Or possibly they were dragged by 1027?

  2. Ken walker says:

    3052 was used throughout the testing, on its own for the first week or so, the 2nd tram was at different times 3054, 3055 or 3057. 3052 being distinguishable by not having any fleet numbers on the sides

  3. Mick Ball says:

    Today (15/11) I found Old Trafford had only half the normal 30xx series stabled outside. Of the last 10 the following were not present 3050/52/54/56-59.
    Having read the previous emails I decided to walk from Piccadilly to New Islington Halt,easily found by looking for those horrendishly painted flats as seen in the photos of the Halt.
    Unfortunately at 1320 there were no trams stabled there. Any ideas Ken?

    • Ken walker says:

      Not really Mick. The last time I saw trams up at New Islington was Nov. 1st, they had gone by Nov 7th. When I have passed since then all the security gates have been closed so they have not been out on the line, I have passed either at 6am, 2pm or 10pm so they could have been running during the night and returning to the depot every morning before 6am. 3053 and 3057 were also at Milnrow on the Rochdale line for a couple of nights about a month ago, and 3057 has been back for 1 night a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t seen any activity beyond Mumps since, again possibly testing during the small hours and returning to depot. I did wonder if they were going back to the depot because of vandalism risk but I think there has been security presence at N.I. And Milnrow.

  4. Mick Ball says:

    thanks for replying Ken.

  5. Ken walker says:

    On the Rochdale line, Milnrow station again playing host to stabled trams today, 3052 and 3057 this time

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