TfL announce fare rises from January 2013

Transport for London have announced that fares across their network are to rise by an average of 4.2%, which is said to be the best possible settlement whilst still being able to
provide investment for future projects in the capital. Unfortunately of the projects currently ongoing and requiring this investment none of them will effect tram and light rail passengers.

On London Tramlink – as well as all London bus services – a Pay as you go single fare will cost £1.40 from 2nd January 2013. This is a rise of 3.7% from the £1.35 it currently costs. Other Tramlink fares will also increase with the pay as you go one day cap up 4.8% to
£4.40, the cash single fare up to £2.49 (4.3% increase) and the 7 day bus and tram pass increasing by 80p to £19.60 (also a 4.3% increase).

There is good news over on the Docklands Light Railway as there will be no rise on the Oyster Pay as you go cap (which also affects the Tube and rail services). However both the pay as you go and cash fares for travel on the DLR will see increases of between 3.2%
and 7.1% (dependent on number of zones travelling through).

Speaking about the fare increases Mayor of London Boris Johnson commented: “Before the end of the year I will spell out further investment on the transport network that will help us to provide faster, more frequent and reliable journeys for Londoners; and is crucial to the economic development and growth that is so vital to our great city. This fares package is hugely important to our millions of passengers and I am very pleased to have secured nearly £100m that will help to keep fares as low as possible, and protect the important concessions that we offer the most vulnerable Londoners.”

* Full details of the new fares, which will be in operation from 2nd January 2013, can be found at

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