Get ready! Trams set to start testing in Edinburgh

The day that at some stages it appeared would never happen is imminent – trams are  going to start testing on a 2.8km stretch of tramway in Edinburgh by the end of this year. The overhead power is due to be switched on between Gogar Castle Road and Edinburgh Airport from Monday 26th November and test running will commence from around
the same date.

The contractors will test and commission this stretch of track – known as “section B” – before handing it over to the Council next March after which further testing and driver training will be able to take place.

Cllr Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener, said: “Testing is a vital part of the development of
Edinburgh’s tram system to make sure it’s safe and reliable for future service.  We have been in touch with residents and businesses along the route to make sure they know the tests are taking place and so they have important safety advice. The tram project is progressing well and it’s good to see that a long stretch of track is almost complete and that we’ll see trams running on it very soon.”

With trams due to start testing soon the City of Edinburgh Council are starting to warn members of the public to be careful near to the tramlines as the vehicles will have a top speed of 70kmh (45 mph), are quiet and move quickly.

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