Crich depot re-roofed

The project to improve the main tram depots at Crich Tramway Village is coming along very nicely indeed, with the new roof now in place over the entire complex comprising Depots 2, 3 & 4. This work was actually completed in time for Christmas, at which point the contractors took a short break – but work has now resumed with even more significant progress being achieved already this year.

The depots are already looking much lighter, thanks to the new skylights and improved lighting being installed. More importantly, however, the wall insulation has now been installed in Depot 4 – which is completely devoid of trams at present. This has been covered with a grey cladding material which looks very smart. The insulation will, of course, offer better protection for the precious contents of the buildings and should hopefully ensure that no more trams suffer mould damage as Sheffield 74 (now repaired and awaiting a return to service this year) did a few years ago.

The cladding and insulation will next be added to Depots 2 & 3, with the trams having to be moved around between the depots as the work goes on, and meaning that the rest of the winter will be a busy time for the workshop staff and volunteers at the museum!

A look inside Depot 4 as the insulation material is installed, and with the new roof in place. Note trams, including Chesterfield 7 and MET 331, which had vacated the area shown and moved over to Depot 3 to allow access to the roof by contractors.

A second, more recent view inside the unusually empty Depot 4 showing the new cladding which hides the insulation from view. (Photos courtesy of the Crich Tramway Village Facebook page)

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