More disputes with Bilfinger Berger over Edinburgh Tram project

In the latest update on the progress being made by the Edinburgh Tram project it has been revealed that since work recommenced on construction, six further disputes have emerged with contractors Bilfinger Berger – although the Council have not objected to any of these.

It is believed that the majority of these disputes are fairly minor and relate to the cost of work already done and differing interpretations of the original contract. The City of Edinburgh Council claim that the fact that all six were not challenged shows that the relationship between both parties is a lot better than it was last year when it seemed the whole project may collapse.

The update also revealed that of the £34 million contingency fund on top of the main £776 million budget, a further £1 million has been spent including the redesign of a substation, the addition of the extra tramstop at York Place and various minor changes.

The project remains on course for completion by the end of 2014.

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