In Pictures: Urbos3 18 breaks cover

Since returning from Spain following the fitting of batteries Midland Metro’s Urbos3 18 has rarely been seen outside in daylight with it being kept undercover in between test runs (which have now begun overnight). However, that all changed on Monday 13th November when it was spotted sitting outside the depot whilst its pantograph was raised and lowered. Andy Walters provides us with these images.

18 has recently been fitted with a new pantograph and this was being raised and lowered whilst the tram was stabled in the depot yard. Previously when spotted out and about 18 had been fitted with cameras on the roof but these also seem to have been removed and the white plastic covering on the rooftop batteries were also noticeably missing in these photos.

18 seen in the depot yard whilst tests were being made on the pantograph.

A close up of one end section of 18 showing where the batteries are held. (Both Photographs by Andy Walters)

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