In Pictures: Citylink tram-trains in service

The Citylink tram-trains are now starting to see regular use on the standard Stagecoach Supertram system with the Purple route often being operated by these vehicles. In this “In Pictures” article we take a look at two of the Citylink vehicles in action with the identities being 399 202 and 399 206. Glyn Hill with the photos.

399 206 departs from Herdings Park for Cathedral. With the Citylink trams now available for service will there be a return for some Purple route services (except on Sundays) to Meadowhall?

399 202 approaches the Herdings Park terminus.

Another look at 202 as it arrives at Gleadless Townend bound for Herdings Park.

In this view we catch up with 206 as it arrives at Spring Lane with a service to Cathedral.

One last look at 206 as it comes off Norton Avenue into the stop at Leighton on its way to Herdings Park. (All Photographs by Glyn Hill)

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