Picture in Time: Nottingham Express Transit 215

From last week’s Picture in Time in the West Midlands we head across to the East Midlands for this image from Nottingham Express Transit.

The tram in the picture is the last of the Bombardier built Incentro trams, 215. Constructed at Bombardier’s Derby plant – the last trams to be built in the UK – the tram was delivered to NET’s depot at Wilkinson Street in time for services to begin on the Phase One lines on 9th March 2004 (following the official launch the previous day). Although the last of the Incentro trams it ended up being the first to undergo a full refresh returning to service after this on 8th March 2013.

However this image was taken before this refresh on 23rd November 2010. The tram features external adverts at both roof level and a full height advert on the centre car – as many of the Incentros have over the years. 215 is standing at the now closed Station Street terminus. Today trams continue through the buffers and over the railway station onto phase two.

Photograph by Nigel Pennick

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