In Pictures: A detailed look at Supertram 111

We reported earlier this week that Stagecoach Supertram Siemens Duewag 111 had undergone a makeover courtesy of IKEA to celebrate the imminent opening of a new superstore from the Swedish company at Carbrook tramstop. As well as enjoying an external vinyl wrap livery the tram has also undergone quite an interior transformation as these photos from Stuart Cooke illustrate.

The majority of the signwriting on the livery is on the centre section. Unfortunately part of the words seem to be lost as white writing has been used on a light blue background.

A close-up of the detail of the livery which features multi-coloured cutlery!

The ceiling has also been treated to a new surface with that multi-coloured cutlery again featuring.

A number of different seat designs can be found throughout the tram.

Maybe green is more your colour?

Or how about something in blue? The floor has also received a new surface although the practically of a white based flooring on public transport is questionable!

A general view of the interior.

The Metro racks have also received adverts for IKEA.

Priority seating and flooring. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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