Tram derails in Old Market Square **updated**

Nottingham Express Transit services have been severely disrupted following the low speed derailment in Old Market Square of Citadis 235. The derailment happened shortly after 1530 on Thursday 25th May as the tram was using the crossover just beyond the Old Market Square stop on the Royal Centre side.

Video and photos of the incident which have materialised on the internet seem to show that the rear section of the tram left the rails as the tram was using the crossover although it is obviously far too early to say why this happened. Marks on the paved surface surrounding the track in this pedestrianised area show that the tram continued to travel for a short distance until the rear mounted the kerb shortly before the inbound stop. The back section of the tram seemed to be completely of the rails with part of the next section also having derailed.

Services were immediately suspended between Royal Centre and Nottingham Station with Nottingham Express Transit tweeting this was due to a “faulty tram”. Engineers were called to the scene to rerail the tram and at the time of writing it is still to be returned to tracks.

A statement on the derailment from NET said: “One of our trams has been stopped in Old Market Square after wheels on its rear bogie disengaged from a section of track whilst it was performing a low speed turnback manoeuvre. No passengers were on board at the time.”

A full investigation is likely to be launched by the RAIB.


235 was rerailed at around 2100 on Thursday 25th May with the tram then being returned to Wilkinson Street Depot. Services resumed shortly after through Old Market Square although with residual delays.

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