MER Winter Saloon 22 suffers fire

Manx Electric Railway Winter Saloon 22 – a vehicle not exactly a stranger to fire – suffered a fire whilst in service on Monday 15th May close to Ballaglass Glen causing disruption to services and passengers to be transferred to another tram.

As with many incidents on the Isle of Man full details have not been released of what happened but comments from a passenger on board the tram on the Isle of Man Today website suggests that it was not a major incident with a small electrical fire starting in the leading driver’s cab. The fire was put out by the tram crew using two fire extinguishers with no injuries reported. The tram was taken back to Cornaa where passengers were able to transfer to another tram towards Ramsey.

A spokesman from Isle of Man Transport said: “Isle of Man Transport is conducting an inquiry into the incident that occurred on the Manx Electric Railway on Monday afternoon. The tram crew responded in accordance with their training and safety protocol to ensure the safety of the passengers and the tram.”

22 had to be rebuilt following a fire in 1990, returning to service in 1992.

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