Brush Car standee windows

You may recently have been following the debate in our comments section on the restoration of Brush Car 621 in Blackpool and just how in depth the restoration is mainly in connection with the green standee windows. Although it is not currently the plan to restore these on 621 the subject did come up last year over the private restoration of fellow Brush Car 625

In planning the restoration of 625 an appeal was made on its official Facebook page to anyone who could assist with sourcing these green standee windows as they are not exactly the sort of product you can pop down to your local B&Q (other DIY superstores are available!) and buy. Enter Peter Watts – of destination blind fame – who’s main business is in the glass industry. Peter managed to source a supply of green glass which is very similar in appearance to the original glass and his company PW Consultancy (who also sponsored the move of 621 to Blackpool last year) purchased enough glass to create these windows for 625 – and one other tram. Each Brush Car requires 16 of these small windows and they have now been cut waiting for installation into the tram.

It just goes to show anything is possible.

An original standee window is seen (with the scotch tape on it) is seen alongside the new product. (Photograph by Peter Watts)

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2 Responses to Brush Car standee windows

  1. Matt says:

    Can’t wait to see these in the flesh. Can’t thank Peter enough for his help regarding this glass. Really is appreciated and will be a cracking touch to 625 when she’s done.

  2. Mike says:

    Great stuff, here’s hoping 621 will also benefit in the years to come.

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